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Golden Boy Promotions confirms that Canelo Alvarez underwent an undisclosed cosmetic surgery in Mexico

Golden Boy Promotions has confirmed that middleweight Canelo Alvarez underwent a cosmetic surgery Friday, which was not urgent. The procedure was performed in Alvarez’s home state of Jalisco, after several reports surfaced, stating that he would be the subject of an arthroscopic procedure.

“Indeed, Alvarez underwent surgery. However, it was a cosmetic procedure. There are no further details,” a spokesperson for Golden Boy, the Oscar de la Hoya-owned company, said about the medical status for the Mexican boxer.

Alvarez has a hearing scheduled Wednesday after the Nevada Athletic Commission filed a complaint when Alvarez tested positive for the banned performance-enhancing substance clenbuterol on two occasions.

On Friday morning, the Publimetro newspaper reported that Canelo had checked into a hospital located in the Andares region, in which he would undergo an arthroscopic surgery on one of his knees. However, this report was not confirmed by Golden Boy, which manages promotional rights for the former light middleweight and middleweight champion.

Canelo has had an eventful week. After leaving his camp based in California and withdrawing from the scheduled bout against Gennady Golovkin on May 5, Alvarez was seen attending the party hosted by the Value Financial Group in celebration of its 25th anniversary. The investment services company is owned by his personal friend Carlos Bremer.

Alvarez will not attend the Nevada Athletic Commission hearing next week. However, he will be linked via phone with the proceedings, while his legal counselors attend. The hearing is expected to end with a decision regarding his alleged doping based on urine samples taken on Feb. 10 and 17.

Golden Boy did not confirm whether Alvarez would spend the night at the hospital in which the procedure took place. However, a close source said that no further problems were expected.

Alvarez has dealt with two considerable injuries during his career. During his bout against Liam Smith on September 2016 he broke his right hand, and on September 2014, an injury on his left ankle forced him to cancel his scheduled fight against Joshua Clottey.

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